Webinar Series:
Reducing Readmissions and Medical Errors

The industry-wide challenges surrounding readmissions and medical errors are complex, involving many facets of the healthcare workforce across care settings. In this webinar series we will take a deeper look at some of the factors that are impacting healthcare organizations and offer strategies that can lead to improved outcomes.


Webinar Series

Evidence Based Practice: The Compelling Link
to Reducing Errors and Readmissions
and Combating Antibiotic Resistance

By now most clinicians have a general understanding of Evidence-Based Practice (EBP) and how to implement it with the intent of practice change. However there still remains a gap in the understanding about how EBP plays a role in reducing errors and readmission rates. This presentation will discuss EBP and how it directly translates to the delivery of safe and quality care.

WEbinar SEries

Diversion by Healthcare Personnel:
Understanding the Risk

Drug diversion is a significant problem in healthcare facilities with potentially serious long-term effects to patients. Controlled substance security specialist, Kim New, JD, BSN, RN, joins us to cover the scope of the problem, risks to patients and staff, and solutions for prevention and detection of diversion by healthcare personnel.

  • 78%
    of U.S. hospitals were penalized for high readmission in 2015
  • $428M
    readmissions fines issued 2015
  • 1 in 5
    elderly patients were readmitted to a hospital before HRRP

Let Us Help You Reach the Outcomes You Need

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for addressing the complicated challenge of readmission rates and medical errors. We understand the real problems facing healthcare leaders and we've created solutions to address even the most difficult challenges. The best part is it's all possible in one place, HealthStream.

Wherever you are on your journey, HealthStream can help put all the pieces in the right place, creating a tailor-made solution specific to your organization. Contact us today to see how we can help you achieve the outcomes you need.

The High Cost of Readmissions

Since the passing of the Hospital Readmissions Reduction Program (HRRP), the number of diagnosis that qualify for potential penalty has grown from three to five with more expected to be added in FY2017. The maximum rate of penalty has also jumped from 1% to 3% over that same period of time. Acute and post-acute healthcare facilities must address this swelling issue in order to prevent the HRRP from impacting their bottom line while ensuring the best possible care for their patients.

A Closer Look at Readmissions and Medical Errors:

What Healthcare Leaders Should Know About the Industry-Wide Struggle

Readmissions and medical errors are a common and expensive problem. But what are the key drivers and how can they be addressed? What are the real costs and consequences of such error? And how does post-acute care impact the trend? Download the free eBook with valuable information for healthcare leaders who are rising to meet this complex challenge.

Products to Help You on Your Journey

HealthStream has spent the past 25 years building products and solutions to help you solve the biggest challenges facing your workforce. Learn more about the tools that can impact your rates of readmission and medical errors through the development of your number one asset­—your people.

Competency Management

Measure and compare competence with HealthStream’s industry-leading Competency Center & Library, including 3,400+ clinical and non-clinical competencies across the continuum of care. The Competency Center gives you validated tools that positively impact clinical outcomes, patient safety and satisfaction, employee satisfaction, and other strategic initiatives such as improved rates of readmission. 


Promote, monitor, and maintain clinical excellence by sponsoring unlimited access to thousands of CE/CME activities with CECenter™ for Nurses & Allied Health or CECenter™ for Physicians and CMEinfo.

Integrated with the HealthStream Learning CenterCECenter™ offers unlimited access to education and a new, student-focused interface. Our clinical CE library for Nurses, Allied Health, and Pharmacy includes over 1,800 CE titles and 40 specialty certification prep programs.

Nurse Residency Pathway

Using a data-driven approach, HealthStream’s Nurse Residency Pathway is a structured, yet flexible program to help new nurses make the successful transition into professional practice. Based on national standards and assembled around desired behavioral outcomes, the Nurse Residency Pathway moves new graduate nurses from Benner's novice to advanced beginner stage of clinical competence.

Medical Device Training

HealthStream’s OneSource provides engaging, interactive courseware that gives your employees the opportunity to learn and train on medical products—often with virtual simulations—from a wide range of manufacturers. And since it’s all online, your employees can train any time and from any place, with everything in one central location. 

Checklist Management

Automate and improve any educational initiative with the addition of Checklist Management. Standardize and document validation of technical skills organization-wide from one, central location with our easy-to-use, paperless solution. Move from cumbersome manual processes to a simple online solution with immediate access to completion rates and aggregate data.

Hiring & Selection

Find and acquire candidates with the right culture and job fit using the HealthStream Recruiting Center and proven selection and verification tools including behavior and skills assessments, credential management, and sanction screening.

Accelerate and refine your talent acquisition strategy with its tactical tools and functionality for streamlining workflow, improving candidate experience, and ensuring accountability and compliance. Recruiters and hiring managers work smarter with tools to track and manage all recruiting activities in a single place. With comprehensive reports and analytics for more informed decision making, you can hire the people you need for the results you want to achieve. 

Online Courses

HealthStream and its partners offer a variety of online courses specific to reducing medical errors and readmission rates. Featured Courses:

  • Reducing Medication Errors by HCCS, a HealthStream Company
  • Patient Safety by HCCS, a HealthStream Company
  • Case Management: Hospital Readsmissions Reduction Program by nThrive Education 
  • Reducing Readmissions and Unnecessary Hospitalizations (CE) by IPCed - Institute for Professional Care
  • Reduction of Medical Errors (CE) by echelon
  • Medical Errors for Mental Health Professionals (CE) by Quantum Units Education
  • Medical Errors Prevention (CE) by Quantum Units Education
  • Medical Errors: Improving Patient Outcomes Through the Reduction of Medical Errors Using Multi-Causal Analysis (CE) by echelon

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