Enhance clinical judgment

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Elevate quality of care

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Improve arrest & mortality rates

A framework founded on the four pathways of deterioration

The framework of the ART Program addresses the entire system of care by exploring the four primary risk pathways that lead to cardiac arrest and mortality. By understanding the risks associated with each pathway, learners will have the knowledge necessary to stabilize the patient by targeting care through the anticipation and recognition of deterioration indicators.

Custom chart with the cardiac arrest pathway wheel


If the impact of the ART Program at UC San Diego could be replicated across the United States, we could save an estimated 383,000 lives each year.

Daniel Davis, MD

Emergency Medicine

Promote mastery in trend recognition at all experience levels

Regardless of the focus area or specialty, the ART Program uses an integrated framework that addresses the variable judgment and experience levels of your team by prioritizing comprehension over memorization.

Ready to make an impact on survival rates? We are too.

While the ART Program is not a resuscitation program, it can measurably impact arrest rates by introducing a new methodology of thinking for clinical practice that can help prevent cardiac arrests and ultimately save more lives. After all, the safest cardiac arrest is the one that never happens.

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