A different nurse scheduling software built for your team’s success

When it comes to nurse scheduling software, not all platforms are created equally. At HealthStream, we believe in supporting nurses and healthcare professionals in ways that are unique to them. By building a free mobile scheduling app specifically for the medical world, we’ve been able to streamline scheduling, reduce burnout, and create stronger community. 

Whether your department is using old-school paper systems, social media groups, or mass texts, now is the time to end frustrations and join NurseGrid, the free mobile app that one in eight nurses are already taking advantage of. Moving to a digitized employee scheduling system not only reduces the time and energy spent trying to manage a schedule, but it’s also a great tool to help track overtime, create shift fairness, and reduce agency costs.

NurseGrid makes it easy to schedule nurses and has a range of features unique to the healthcare realm, that have been specifically designed to increase job satisfaction and reduce burnout. By giving your staff the ability to self-schedule, easily swap shifts, view who they'll be working with, or pick up open shifts, all from the app they're already using, you'll be able to help increase communication, diversity, and well-being. Additionally, implementing this scheduling system can also help decrease confusion, wasted resources, and time spent managing schedules. Complete with free plans and personalized features, NurseGrid is an effortless way to enhance your teamwork and elevate patient care.

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Of nurses are concerned about burnout


Of nurses are concerned about their mental health


Of nurses plan to leave bedside or change careers

Better scheduling, better support, better care

When it comes to healthcare, technology alone is not what makes high-quality care. It’s about having the right people, passionate about what they’re doing. But with nurse burnout reaching all-time highs, corporate wellness initiatives falling short, and workloads becoming more and more complex it’s time to re-examine what technology should be used to keep your staff focused, passionate, and dedicated.

Not only can our free mobile app, NurseGrid, enhance communication, elevate care, and increase shift fairness, but it also allows you to better support your nursing staff’s well-being and work-life balance. With features like Personal Calendar and Schedule Comparison, it’s easy for nurses to lean into their support systems by seamlessly integrating their work schedule with their personal calendars and allowing them to see who they’ll be sharing shifts and days off with, all within the NurseGrid app.

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NurseGrid Mobile & Watch App Screen

NurseGrid mobile app

The user-friendly design and modern interface make this app an easy way for nurses to maintain their calendars and management to increase retention.

NurseGrid watch app

This watch app makes it simple and easy for nurses to access their calendar, shift details, and more from anywhere at any time.

NurseGrid can help you:

  • Empower your team to set their own schedules, manage shifts, and engage with their colleagues. 
  • Take control over scheduling, reducing the time spent on outdated paper, email, or text systems. 
  • Elevate the support you offer your team and improve the quality of care you provide patients. 

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HealthStream is committed to developing tools that help nurses enrich their careers, engage meaningfully with their colleagues, and actively participate in the nursing environment.