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Recognize mastered competencies to target development where it’s needed most.

In today’s landscape, the traditional approach of mandating uniform training for all clinicians is no longer practical. Amidst one of the most challenging staffing crises in healthcare, efficiency is paramount, and recognizing the unique competencies mastered by each clinician is not just a strategic move; it’s a necessity. The HealthStream Competency Suite+ empowers you to overcome the limitations of a one-size-fits-all training approach by pinpointing the specific competencies mastered by each individual, enabling a future where development aligns precisely with individual needs. In the face of healthcare staffing challenges, efficiency is your competitive advantage, and the HealthStream Competency Suite+ ensures you stay ahead of the curve.

2 hours of development needed

8 hours of development needed

16 hours of development needed

jane ensures every clinician achieves exceptional care by providing unbiased, personalized competency development based on their unique knowledge and ability. 

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Competency administration made simple!

Competency Suite+ allows administrators to easily facilitate personalized development at scale, offering an engaging experience to clinicians.

  • Evaluate knowledge, skills, judgment, and performance
  • Develop knowledge skills, and Judgment
  • Validate skills
  • Take informed action to optimize competency for both learners and preceptors



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