Product Features


  • 16,000+ Valid and Reliable Knowledge Questions
  • First-Ever Critical Thinking Assessment, Leveraging Artificial Intelligence
  • Proprietary Taxonomy for Powerful Recommendations at Scale


  • Proprietary Taxonomy with 60M+ Relationships Allows for Meaningful Recommendations at Scale
  • Preceptor Support
  • AI-based competency assessment solution using conversational format, powered by IBM Watson.

Learning Paths

  • 1,800+ Courses with CE Enabled for One-Click Development Plans
  • Assigned & Self-Directed Development Capabilities
  • Preceptor Guidance for Critical Thinking


  • Staff Competency Profiles with Rapid View of Strengths and Gaps
  • Raw Score, Percentile Ranking & National Benchmarks for Context
  • Aggregate View of Top Performers & Key Areas of Risk
  • 30
    Years of data leveraged
  • 4 Million
    Assessments completed
  • 75+
    National Specialty & Rol-based scoring benchmarks

Is your staff consistently providing competent care?

Consistently ensuring competent clinical staff can be next to impossible, given a complex care environment and the availability of resources. Not having the right competency plan in place can lead to higher turnover, an increased chance of litigation, and negative outcomes.

Having been there as a new nurse, I know how scary it is to not know something or to not know what to do. I’ll do anything that I can as an educator to help them through that process, to make sure that when services are needed, I’ve got nurses who know how to take care of my family members, me, or anybody in general.

Nurse Education Leader Pilot Organization


Provide Safe Care, Delivered by Highly Competent and Confident Staff

Healthcare leaders are faced with having to consistently ensure safe and competent care. Meet Jane, a dynamic system that leaders can leverage to objectively validate initial and ongoing competence, improve quality, and empower clinical staff at scale.

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