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Explore the Key Features of Privilege

Discover what makes Privilege an integral part of CredentialStream!

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Rigor & ease in one solution

As reimbursement models evolve and value-based healthcare emerges as the norm, it’s vital you have a system in place rigorously vet the clinical competency of your providers. With Privilege, you get a standardized, electronic privileging process that’s easy to deploy and even easier to maintain.

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Take the sting out of privileging

With Privilege, you get access to a library of continuously updated best-practice, evidence-based, specialty-specific privilege forms. Our team conducts the time-consuming research required to build these forms and update them as new procedures evolve – so you don’t have to. Having us on your privileging team takes the sting out of process and gets you up and running faster. 

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Use Privilege to:

  • Leverage a fully electronic privileging process for initial and re-credentialing privileges
  • Standardize privileges according to best practices and easily keep them up to date
  • Deliver privilege visibility for key stakeholders including providers, reviewers, nurses, and surgery schedulers
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Standardize & streamline

  • Access a library of evidence-based single, multi-facility, and enterprise privilege forms
  • Deploy pre-built privilege and appointment workflows based on best practices

Automate & collaborate

  • Automate privilege requests and conditions management
  • Facilitate the privilege request, review, and recommendation process online via the Hub

Communicate & expand

  • Deliver real-time data availability to all stakeholders, including providers, reviewers, nurses, schedulers, etc.
  • Support single, multi-facility, and enterprise privilege requests 


As our community grows, we need to expand our services to meet new needs. VerityStream's Privileging content has been essential in helping us rapidly onboard new specialists. We no longer have to rely on updating outdated forms or creating new ones. All the privileging content we need is there.

Hadley Stanfel

Medical Staff Services Officer

St. Peter's Health


Fully-cited, Criteria-based, Specialty and Provider-Specific Privilege Forms


Years of Experience

The process, content, & data you need to privilege like a pro

CredentialStream includes everything you need to request, gather, and validate information about a provider to create a Source of Truth. Privilege provides the process, content, and data needed standardize the delineation, request, recommendation, granting, monitoring, and evaluation of clinical privileges.

If you’re looking to:

  • Increase accuracy
  • Save time
  • Improve provider satisfaction
  • Ensure patient safety 

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Ready to tackle privileging once and for all?