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Consistent care


Synchronized resources

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Unified data


Enterprise Visibility by HealthStream

Real-time visibility

  • A sole source of information for support staff, bed coordinators, and administrators
  • Geospatial view of bed availability, incoming patients, and pending discharges
  • Visual prompts, including patient turn and fall indicators
  • Real-time data from your EMR, ADT, environmental services, and transport system

Align the enterprise

  • Broadcast current patient activity across nursing stations and executive suites
  • Enterprise view of upstream and downstream units along with separate facilities
  • Track each patient’s activity through transitions in care
  • Identify noncompliance at the floor and clinician levels

Leverage Enterprise Visibility to:

Improve Care Delivery_G

Improve patient experience

Create a more engaged workforce_P

Increase staff efficiency

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Synchronize workforce, resources, and data

It’s time to take the stress out of managing patient flow

How to Get Started:

1. Request a 15-minute demo

2. Complete a comprehensive needs assessment

3. Receive a proposal with your organization’s requested items

4. Get started in weeks with an experienced implementation specialist

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