Scheduling software you – and your medical staff – can trust

Can something as routine as staff scheduling software be a joy to use? It may seem impossible – after all, most enterprise scheduling software systems lack intuitive user interfaces and the ability to navigate the nuances of hospitals or other clinical environments. In other words, they come up short when dealing with the most common staff scheduling challenges.

Unlike many antiquated staff scheduling systems on the market, ShiftWizard was designed with your team in mind to bring you a reliable and user-friendly experience.

ShiftWizard seamlessly integrates with your electronic medical records (EMR) system, as well as time and attendance systems, so you can make cost-effective scheduling decisions based on real-time hours worked and service measures like hours per patient day (HPPD) and hours per patient volume (HPPV).

An easy-to-use mobile app makes it simple for employees and managers to see what is happening in real-time and operate more efficiently. For example, with just a few taps, managers can check staff schedules, view open shifts, and track overtime. Meanwhile, this user-friendly scheduling app allows medical staff to compare shifts, request time off, or easily swap shifts.

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Introducing the all-new ShiftWizard video library!

Dive into a treasure trove of valuable content featuring insightful clips from webinars, engaging product demos, and visually captivating animated videos. Whether you are a healthcare professional, manager, or simply curious about optimizing scheduling and staffing, this resource is your gateway to expert insights and practical solutions. Check out the ShiftWizard video library and empower yourself with the knowledge to revolutionize your healthcare staff scheduling!

ShiftWizard Video Library

Over $2 million in savings with ShiftWizard for one healthcare system

Over a two-year period, a North Carolina hospital and healthcare system calculated that utilizing ShiftWizard saved them $2.1 million as they were able to fine-tune staffing allocation practices. Saving on average $2,200 per bed.

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Is it time to engage with your staff, support their well-being, and increase retention?

ShiftWizard™ is easy to integrate, a breeze to navigate, and designed by healthcare professionals so you can feel confident taking it to your team. Its user-friendly interface, streamlined scheduling features, and personalized settings help to increase communication, improve work-life balance, and reduce burnout on the front line.

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Why choose ShiftWizard's Staff Scheduling software?

ShiftWizard™ by HealthStream was designed for your team and built to increase productivity. From simplified schedules to open communication, this healthcare staff scheduling software and mobile app were made for the industry and is trusted by thousands every day to elevate patient care and better support staff.



Staff scheduling

  • Comprehensive scheduling
  • Workforce optimization
  • Highly customizable
  • Overtime reduction
  • Easy user interface
  • License tracking


  • Real-time tracking
  • Bedside productivity
  • Analytics & forecasting
  • Graphic overviews
  • Drill-down reports
  • Intelligent predictions



  • Easy mass messaging
  • Email & internal messaging
  • Voice calling & messaging
  • Text messaging
  • Highly configurable

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