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HealthStream Learning

Develop and grow towards optimal performance and learning with HealthStream Learning. Design rich learning experiences that meet the unique needs of every employee and every department in your organization.

  • Mobile-First Design: powerful authoring tools, and unique assessment tools enable you to develop content securely and deliver it at scale.
  • All-In-One Web Application delivers global course catalog, centralized to-do list, transcript, profile, document management, and peer validation workflow.
  • Administration Dashboard combines powerful customization and management tools with action-oriented navigation to manage people, courses, authoring, and assignments.
  • Integrated Ecosystem of Top Learning Brands connects your learners to healthcare’s most up-to-date content.

HealthStream Atlas

Explore your workforce and find answers, fast with HealthStream Atlas. 

  • Key Workforce Metrics show trends in turnover, tenure, span of control, and more.
  • Recommendations provide guidance to offset turnover and identify action items.
  • Daily Updates ensure an accurate picture of your workforce’s most important analytics.

HealthStream Performance

Align and assess your teams against key pillars and cascading goals with HealthStream Performance. The simple, online system charts the employee’s path to optimal performance, and ensures accountability along the way.

  • Goals Management ensures consistent growth paths for every individual across the organization.
  • 360 Feedback with up to five-level scales facilitates easy peer and manager views.
  • Action Plan documents a collaborative approach to growth with in-person or remote review and signoff.

Initiative Management

Provide your organization’s leaders with the insights they need, when and where they need them, using the Initiative Management Dashboard.

  • Articulate and visualize progress toward mission-critical initiatives with compelling visualizations, intuitive filtering, and centralized KPI management.

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