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Promote a culture of safety

Reduce Risk_C

Reduce risk

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Focus on quality care

Medical error is the third leading cause of death in the U.S., and yet avoidable with education and training

Not having the right patient safety training can lead to an increase in medical errors and other undesired harmful effects resulting from technology, medication or interventions such as surgery or treatments. HealthStream’s Patient Safety Library utilizes engaging and interactive content to educate staff on patient safety processes, using national patient safety issues and quality reimbursement goals defined by government and accrediting body standards.

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Leverage HealthStream’s Patient Safety Library to:

Provide Content_B

Provide engaging and interactive content


Educate staff on patient safety processes

Decrease medical and legal risk_C

Decrease medical and legal risk

KnowledgeQ-Annual Mandatory Training Product

KnowledgeQ by HealthStream

An adaptive approach to learning, allowing personalized paths to be tailored for an individual based on existing knowledge.

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Safety Education SafetyQ

Promote a culture of safety

  • Prevent medical errors 
  • Prevent adverse events 
  • Support quality improvement initiatives 
  • Improve patient safety and satisfaction 
  • Build and reinforce employee education 
  • Decrease medical and legal risk
  • Reduce training seat time with pre-assessments

Focus on quality care & maintain compliance

  • Support quality improvement initiatives
  • Support value-based reimbursements through quality of care education
  • Meet your high priority safety requirements
  • Stay compliant with government and accreditation training requirements and standards
  • Customize the content based on your organization’s policies and procedures

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