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Mitigate risk


Identify opportunities for improvement


Improve learner engagement

Personalizing education content reduces overall seat time - saving time and resources.

Our smart assessments help identify the topics that each member of your staff needs to focus on the most. By leveraging our courseware, you can ensure your staff and organization is and remains compliant in HIPAA protocols, sexual harassment training, and other corporate compliance education areas. Reduce the seat time, identify compliance gaps and areas of risk in your organization with HealthStream’s Compliance Education solutions. 

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Leverage HealthStream’s Compliance Training to:

Reduce non-productive training time_G

Reduce non-productive training time


Provide engaging and interactive content

Educate Staff on Policy_P

Create a culture of compliance & ethics


Compliance Education Courseware by HealthStream


  • Smart assessments to assess a learner’s level of compliance knowledge and identify learning gaps
  • Personalized Learning Plan prescribed according to assessment results


  • Micro-learning animations
  • Data visualization for rapid identification of risk areas
  • Ability to show learners’ time savings

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This training has the potential to reduce your seat time tremendously, and you can target the training to the learner’s deficits.

Elizabeth Sanders

Senior Director, Compliance

Community Health Systems

As a healthcare leader, are you…

  • Providing innovative, comprehensive, and engaging training?
  • Identifying opportunities for improvement?
  • Interested in reducing non-productive training time?

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