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Streamline communication

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Develop proficiency

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Increase patient satisfaction

Ensure a positive first and lasting impression with a competent, compassionate patient access team

Effectively communicating to verify, register and collect payments from patients requires staff to thoroughly understand insurance plans, coordination of benefits and medical necessity. A strategic training and certification plan for your patient access team increases competency, inspires confidence and reduces turnover, all leading to increased payment collection.
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Optimize collected payments with patient access education

It’s simple. Without completely understanding their financial obligations, patients may have trouble fulfilling them. This can lead to lost revenue for your organization. With patient access education, your patient access team learn strategies to effectively and accurately verify patient status, communicate insurance plans, benefits and financial responsibilities to patients. Ultimately increasing the number of received payments, including point of service collections, while improving patient satisfaction.

Patient Access Optimize

Healthcare leaders can leverage patient access education to:


Improve the patient experience

Avoid Fines and Litigation_C

Reduce claims denials

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Increase point of service collections



  • Empower staff with over 100 courses, competency assessments, and simulation technology.
  • Reduce errors and cost by enhanced job proficiency through key indicator training.
  • Standardize POS collections with situational scripting and POS strategies.
  • Elevate staff knowledge with first of its kind Patient Access industry certification.
  • Optimize verification, coordination of benefits, and patient satisfaction with advanced insurance training.
  • Promote patient advocacy for improved patient satisfaction Hospital Compare scores.

Available Certifications

  • Patient Access Specialist, Level 1
  • Patient Access Specialist, Level 2
  • Patient Access Specialist, Level 3

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of payer denials are a result of registration error


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As a healthcare leader, are you:

  • Seeking to streamline your entire revenue cycle process?
  • Looking to reduce errors and cost?
  • Unsure your patient access staff is consistently delivering competent service?

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