Reduction in seat time

1 in 12,000

risk of cardiac arrest in pregnancy


Descrepancy in survival rates between similar hospitals


BLS, ALS, & PALS Certification

Achieve compliance while targeting competency development on core metrics of high-quality CPR.

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Data Collection & Analytics

Improve resuscitation quality with a cardiac arrest guidance and documentation system.

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First Aid, CPR, & AED Training

Ensure your non-clinical, patient-facing staff can respond to emergencies with OSHA compliant education.


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Prevention & Trend Recognition

Prepare your team to Anticipate, Recognize, and Target care to prevent cardiac arrest.

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Obstetrics ALS Certification

Develop an understanding of how and why modification is needed when caring for pregnant or newly-delivered patients

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Meet Regulations_G

Resuscitation Training Standards & Guidelines

Stay up-to-date with the latest guidelines for resuscitation training

Is your resuscitation training as effective as it could be?

Effective and engaging resuscitation training saves lives. With HealthStream, you can ensure your organization cuts costs of outdated training programs which have not improved resuscitation survival rates in the last 20 years. Instead, HealthStream offers a proven resuscitation training solution that allows for skills frequency flexibility and is consistent with the world’s most authoritative source for resuscitation knowledge while providing the innovation to keep learners engaged.
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There should be more than one choice for resuscitation training when people’s lives are at stake.

HealthStream partnered with the industry leading companies to develop advanced resuscitation training, which is adaptive to the needs of your learners and offers the necessary innovation to keep them engaged.


By lowering costs industry-wide, HealthStream delivers a more cost effective resuscitation training solution that provides leaders with the capability to develop high-performing resuscitation teams and to save more lives. Meeting all U.S. guidelines for resuscitation programs, and based on ILCOR scientific guidelines the world’s most authoritative source for resuscitation knowledge, your organization mitigates possible risks of choosing newly formed resuscitation training ventures, meets compliance requirements and ensures high-quality CPR performance goals are met.


Save lives, time and money with HealthStream by choosing the proven, effective resuscitation training solution which offers your leaders the control to achieve clinical proficiency and the advancements to ensure mastery of resuscitation tactics.

Resuscitation Chest Compressions

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